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Composite Manufacturing

Sedratech provides services in composite design and manufacturing. Through its strategic partnership, Sedratech have comprehensive composite knowledge and capability. We have 2,00,000 + sq. ft. state of the art offshore manufacturing facility along with knowledge of composite manufacturing processes.

We have experienced engineers for Composite processing using hand layup, laser projection, ATL/AFP, Autoclave and Oven curing.

QC and Inspection solutions for composite parts using C-Scan, A-Scan and CMM

Materials and testing capabilities include:

  • Structural test facility with automated loading and measurements, load cells.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic pressure test facility up to 1000 bars.
  • M&P composites characterization lab.
  • Materials selection and testing – composites, tension, shear, test coupons.
  • Vibration, drop, life, reliability, flexural, compression, environmental testing.
  • Thermo and thermo-mechanical analysis.
  • Ultrasonic C Scan, calibration, CMM, audit testing.
  • Differential scanning calorimetry.
  • Automated data acquisition and analysis.